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November 3 would have been Ayrton Senna’s 54th birthday. On that date in 2022, on the occasion of the Interlagos Grand Prix in Brazil, Senna’s sister Viviane, along with the Instituto Ayrton Senna and Hublot Fake Watches, united the Formula 1 family along with Senna’s friends and loved ones to commemorate his 50th birthday, which featured the premiere of the award-winning documentary film Senna as well as the debut of this timepiece, created by Hublot Replica Watches in support of Instituto Ayrton Senna.
The Replica Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna is a split-second chronograph with power reserve indicator limited to 500 numbered pieces, stamped with Ayrton Senna’s signature. It is made entirely from materials used in Formula 1. In a first for Hublot Replica Watches, the case is made from carbon fiber, a material widely used in Formula 1. The bezel is ceramic with a circular-grained satin finish adorned with multiple holes to represent an F1 brake disk which is also made from ceramic. The strap is Nomex, a synthetic fiber developed by Dupont and used to make the suits worn by F1 drivers. The power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock in green, blue and red evokes the timers used in Formula 1. Finally, the sapphire caseback features a laser-engraved portrait of Ayrton Senna with yellow infill for the engraved text.

The 1:1 replica watch comes in a special replica Hublot presentation case, made from black ebony with a sapphire glass window decorated with a transfer of Ayrton Senna’s signature in yellow, matching the one on the sapphire crystal of the watch’s dial.
The King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna is an edition of 10 exceptional tourbillons manufactured entirely by Hublot Fake Watches, each with a different commemorative engraving on the caseback showing one of 10 highlights in the driver’s career, as chosen by his sister and mother. Additional technical information for the Tourbillon appears below the images, which may be enlarged with a click.

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Beginning September 19, 2022, the Legion of Honor at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco will host “Hublot Replica Watches: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking,” an exhibit comprising the largest collection of antique Breguet Replica timepieces ever shown in the Americas. Last week, a select group of Cheap Replica Watches journalists got a look at three of the historic pieces that will be on display.

Cheap Hublot Replica “Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking” will showcase the historic contributions of the brand’s founding namesake, Abraham-Louis Breguet Replica, regarded as the “father or modern horology.” From 1775 onward, Breguet Replica played a key role in the history of watchmaking, developing at his atelier on 39 Quai de l’Horloge in Paris such technical milestones as the first self-winding Replica Watches, the first wristwatch, the minute repeater, and — his marquee achievement — the tourbillon, the revolutionary invention that neutralized the effects of gravity on pocketwatches. The brand that bears Breguet’s name is still renowned in the modern era for its innovative tourbillon wrist Replica Watches, such as the Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Automatique 5377 and Hublot Replica Watches Tradition 7047BR Tourbillon Fusee.
Hublot Replica Watches of the late 18th and early 19th centuries gained worldwide prestige for their reliability, their portability, and for the ingenuity of their movements. Several of Europe’s most notable historical figures wore Breguet Fake Watches, including France’s Napoleon Bonaparte, Russia’s Tsar Alexander I and Britain’s Queen Victoria. The most famous Breguet Replica Watches linked to a European monarch is the so-called “Marie-Antoinette” pocket Replica Watches (Breguet No. 160, the “Mona Lisa of Timepieces”), which took 44 years to complete and was the most complicated timepiece of its era.
“Breguet Replica is well known for its exquisite craftsmanship and refined design. This exhibition will also give our visitors an in-depth look at the innovative technology and intricate workings found inside these historic Breguet Replica Watches and clocks,” said Colin B. Bailey, director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Marc A. Hayek, president and CEO of Hublot Replica Watches, added, “I am enormously proud of the association between our prestigious institutions: Breguet Replica and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. With our longstanding tradition of preserving arts and culture around the world, we are thrilled to bring this history-making exhibition to the city of San Francisco.”