Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of Ferrari

The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari is now five years old, and both celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, as well as new watches designed by Italian carmakers and the new Cheap Hublot Replica Watches movement. For the 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, the Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph for the 70th Anniversary of Glory will be divided into three versions: King Gold, Titanium and PEEK Carbon, each of which will be available in limited quantities – you guessed it – 70 pieces.

Hublot Replica and Ferrari have done more than most car and watch brands, so it’s no surprise that instead of decorating the existing piece, we’re completely seeing a brand new watch. The height of the watch’s architectural and bridging design is far from being over-top and over-designed, which is a relief. It is aggressive, does not require overcompensation, is lightweight and sturdy (at least when considering titanium and carbon models) and is a testament to Hublot’s important manufacturing success in design and movement.

The new HUB6311 manual wind motor in the Hublot Techframe Ferrari tourbillon chronograph consists of 253 components with a 5-day power reserve. The chronograph is a single button function for starting, stopping and resetting the timer. For watches, this is an old-school obsession, but I always like and enjoy the discretion of a single pusher. I am not saying that the watch is close to caution, but the putter is one of the few colors we see here, just finished with the P485 Ferrari red. The other red pusher you see through the lugs is a simple strap change system that has always been a popular feature.

Returning to the Hublot HUB6311 calibre, which is made of enamel-coated anthracite, Hublot also has an “invisible” crystal above the cage, which is used to secure the upper part of the tourbillon. I need to wait to see this, but Best Hublot Replica Watches says the result is the aesthetics of the flying tourbillon, while providing the stability of the tourbillon with two pivot points.

The watch is 45 mm wide and 14.8 mm thick, very thin, thanks in part to the hand-wound movement. The crown is at 4 o’clock and the chronograph button is above it. Hublot Replica Watches claims it is an ergonomic decision – although I can imagine a wrong number or thumb accidentally hitting the putter when adjusting the crown. This can be annoying even if the action is not enough to start the chronograph. But I am just guessing and picking.

The Hublot Techframe Ferrari tourbillon chronograph is a dramatic rather than a tribute to the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, although we don’t have an image of a gold model, but titanium and PEEK carbon (this carbon is made of extra long fibers) Durability) It seems absolutely incredible to me. I am a big fan of Fake Hublot Watches, but I think even those who say their products are “too much” can appreciate the design here. Of course, this appreciation will be similar to most of the Ferrari’s appreciation: from a distance. Each model is 70 pieces, the titanium version is priced at $127,000, the carbon version is priced at $137,000, and the King Gold version is priced at $158,000.

Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-Year Tourbillon Chronograph Real-Time Hands-on

In 2017, Ferrari was one of the highest in the history of Ferrari design and finally conceived its first watch. They work with you – you guessed it – Cheap Hublot Replica Watches and their collaboration come from the unusual form of the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph. By definition, this watch has tested the watchmaking strength of designers and engineers from one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

The Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph (originally introduced here) was conceived by the Ferrari Design Center in Maranello and built by Hublot Replica Watches, providing a new twist to the seemingly enduring cycle of the often very old “watch_brand_name” . Working with [car_brand_name] to collaborate by having Maranello’s egg heads let them make watches.

What do the quartz counters of $295, Movado, Kabestein, Panerai, Girard-Perregaux and the baby have in common? They all have legally made watches with the Ferrari logo on them. However, to be fair, Best Hublot Replica Watches and Ferrari (for example, Hublot Big Bang Ferrari’s comments) have largely completed the collaboration, and they are likely to love the idea of ​​working with partners. Focus on designing an independent, developed and versatile series for the prancing horse, not just making Ferrari famous.

If you are a long-time watch enthusiast, you are not only familiar with the versatility and strict limitations of watch design. But when I first heard about Hublot Techframe, I really wanted to know how Ferrari understood the space, technology, functionality and technical limitations (and possibilities!) of the watchmaking industry.

Both Hublot Replica and Ferrari insist that this watch is mainly designed by Ferrari. Therefore, under the leadership of Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni, the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70’s tourbillon chronograph is unlikely to look like the Hublot (former BNB concept) tourbillon single chronograph “engine”. We will be outside the interior of the Hublot Techframe.

You don’t need to look at it for a long time to see if its Techframe name makes sense: the “grid structure” of the case is a unique case design that uses a combination of lightweight materials and multiple negative spaces (or cuts if you like) As possible, it does not affect the structural stiffness.

Providing titanium, King Gold (we can’t see for yourself, because Basel) and PEEK (polyetheretherketone) carbon, a multi-layer hypoallergenic material, made from this, especially long carbon fiber. Nothing is better than it The material with two ethers in its name is more like a beautiful and long carbon fiber.

As a hopeless lifelong car enthusiast, when I saw the hollowing out of the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph case, the first thing I thought of was the Ferrari 360 Modena dashboard. The combination of round and organic shapes seems to be shared between the two. Even though the contemporary Ferrari dashboard is more like a spaceship than a traditional car interior, this is a long-term for Ferrari, although not necessarily aloud to promote organic design links that I think more focused fans will appreciate.

Negative space has been a must in the great car design for some time – because in order to meet more stringent safety and emissions regulations, cars become more blistering and aerating on the outside, these “concave” dark areas help to strengthen Muscle, powerful, visually more enchanting aesthetic. The watch is almost entirely used for the skeleton of the movement, but given the speed that the manufacturing industry has been advancing recently, we will see it more in the appearance of the watch.

I would say that the Hublot Techframe Ferrari is one of the watches I most look forward to at the Baselworld 2017 show – not because it was designed by Ferrari, but because it is. I want to see the details of it and appreciate it myself, then by looking at the images I took, not just by looking at the computer rendering.

However, I must add that I am both surprised and disappointed at the same time. The execution, design and small details of the case are absolutely unbelievable, and the satin-polished titanium variant is my favorite. Although PEEK carbon looks very high-tech, its black color and the fascinating appearance of the case are aggressive and add too much attention.

Disappointing is the ratio: Hublot Techframe Ferrari is 45 mm wide and 14.80 mm thick – this is the typical size of modern highly complex watches. What is not stated in the specification sheet is the actual “long” degree of the watch: for beginners, the lugs extend far from the edge of the dial (or rather the bezel that does not exist) and they This is quite a flat angle. Adding more length to the watch is a hard rubber strap that makes it even more stretchable, making the Hublot Techframe Ferrari a very very long watch – if you measure the farthest point the rubber strap naturally extends, although the width is 45 Mm, but it is a very thin and long watch.

However, ergonomics is not placed in the back seat, because if you have a particularly wide wrist, it has a very comfortable watch – the watch is very light, the strap is well integrated, and the material and buckle are very comfortable. For example, in the picture above, you can see how the case and strap fit the wrist very well. What you can’t see from this angle is easy. The watch sticks out the other side of Ariel’s wrist – I don’t like what I think Anyone with a 7.25″ or less (possibly more like 7.5) wrist can wear this watch and it looks great.

I spent so much time explaining this problem because I really like and appreciate the highly technical aesthetics of Hublot Techframe. This is a very complex shape, with the lugs and bezel all integrated, not to mention the integration of the red strap quick release pusher or all the space that may be lost inside the case. It really encourages people to take a different view of the case design and how to use the space more creatively in the watch.

The neat additional details include a red button designed to mimic some of the Ferrari interior components, which are actually used to start, stop and reset the single button chronograph. Because of the frustrated mechanical sympathy, people think it’s best not to ask and just start pulling the lever on Baselworld, so on one of the watches (titanium alloy, if I remember correctly) it is broken, so if It looks very fragile, that’s why.

The calibre that powers the Hublot Techframe Ferrari is the HUB6311 calibre with 253 components – the tourbillon single-button chronograph is not much – it operates at 3Hz and provides a five-day power reserve. The color and architecture of the movement are high-tech and cooled, and the bridge is treated with anthracite. However, this is not the movement of traditional Haute Horlogerie decoration: there is no wearing or Geneva stripes, everything is wearing this 21st century light grey – reminiscent of today’s engine block more than the previous watch movement.

Ferrari is 70 years old this year, although there will be no doubt that there will be amazing celebrations this year, but for our watch lovers, the first watch designed by Ferrari is definitely the best. Ferrari has done a commendable job in creating a look that fits well with car design, and Fake Hublot Watches praise allows them to follow and make something as unusual as Techframe design. Too bad, the wearability of the real world has been relegated to the secondary, and the dial is not crazy or fresh to write home – although it is clear for such an open architecture.

Here are some more “grid structure” cases from Hublot – Techframe does sound more sexy, which is for sure – although it’s better still so small and more wearable… and, again, the hat Let the Ferrari out of the box. The Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70-year tourbillon chronograph is priced at $127,000 in titanium, the carbon model is priced at $137,000, and the King Gold version is priced at $158,000. All are limited to the 70 numbered sections.