How Hublot Big Bang Las Vegas Special Edition Replica Watches

In order to commemorate the opening of their new boutique in Caesar Palace forum store in Las Vegas, Hublot launched the Las Vegas version of Hublot big bang replica watches exclusive to Las Vegas boutiques. Although there are four different references in technology, they are all the same watches in function, with different case materials and diamond configurations.

Hublot Big Bang Las Vegas Special Edition Replica Watches

The core of these replica watches is the Hublot big bang replica chronometer driven by the caliber hub4100, which is an automatic movement, which can provide 42 hours of power reserve and 28800 BPH. I believe hub4100 is either based on ETA 2894-2 or an improved version of it.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say these Hublot Big Bang Las Vegas Special Edition Replica Watches won’t suit everyone’s taste, considering the connection of Las Vegas and the polarization design of habrot. The first two variants start with a micro sandblasted black ceramic shell, while the other two are a combination of ceramic and anodized alumina with 212 black diamonds.

The bezel of each replica watch is also different. The simplest is the black ceramic similar to the case, and the more exquisite case is inlaid with 48 to 114 diamonds. The most exclusive choice – only one – is equipped with 48 Dharma sticks to cut diamonds. These watches are perfect for people who are looking for some highlights (perhaps to show that they are successful at the table) and are not particularly picky about readability. Maybe it’s the media pictures provided, or maybe it’s just me, but legibility doesn’t seem to be a key consideration in the design process.

The dial is matte black, with black mark and black luminous paint, which is famous for its weak luminescence. 7: The 00 mark is the only Arabic mark and is set again with a black diamond. I quote this brand, even the pointer is “black shiny satin black electroplating pointer”. The logic of using black dial with black mark and black electroplated pointer is beyond me. However, the watch image makes the hand look like brushed metal without electroplating, which will improve readability under certain light conditions.

The case of Hublot big bang Las Vegas special edition replica watch is made of stainless steel push rod and crown (black PVD of course) and black (surprise) composite resin. The width of the box is 44 mM, the thickness is 14.6 mm, and the size is suitable for people to notice. It also has a water resistance of 100 meters, so you can continue to use it when swimming in the hotel swimming pool.