How Hubot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica

Hubot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica

If you look at the partner list of Hublot replica, you will be surprised that it has been involved in many sports, including basketball, football, golf, cricket, baseball, skiing and running. The brand not only pays to sponsor events and athletes, but also makes a number of related sports wristwatches. Recently, it launched the big band Unico Golf wristwatch, A functional golf replica watch that can be worn in sports.

Hubot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica WATCHES

It is not difficult to make a mechanical replica watch with golf elements, but it is a big challenge for watchmakers to make it suitable for off-site wearing. The speed of the ball can often reach 300 km / h. In order to cope with such a high intensity of swing and impact, the escapement mechanism and upper bar system of the mechanical watch need to be highly shockproof. In addition, the watch must be light and fit to avoid affecting the swing of the player. The big bang Unico golf replica watches do.

What really shows the essence of this golf replica watch is its stroke recording function: just press the 2-hour fluorescent green “shot” button to make the same color window of the 3-point dial accumulate the current stroke; At the same time, the 6-point white “total” counter will also start to record the total number of strokes; When the player starts the next hole, press the 4-point white “hole” button to clear the current number of strokes; At the end of the game, the total number of shots can be reset through the 8-point tee button. It is worth mentioning that: as long as the 8-point button is rotated 45 degrees, it can be locked to avoid touching by mistake in the competition. This detailed design can be said to be considerate, and through the hollow case, we can see the operation of the machine.

Hubot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica

The hublot watch is equipped with two special strap for big bang Unicode golf, one of which is inspired by golf gloves, which presents a combination of black rubber and white calf leather, and also has air holes; The other is made of high-tech fiber and Velcro Velcro, which makes the watch stick firmly on the wrist at any time. Both bands are equipped with one click system, which allows users to switch the band according to different situations.

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