Hublot Big Bang Referee Smartwatch From The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Who knows some good – and cleverly complete – product placement may occupy a long-term legacy of condescending and/or unrelated marketing? Hublot did it. According to FIFA, the number of global home TV viewers in the last World Cup reached 3.2 billion, of which about 1 billion people watched the final. In addition to carbonated beverage brands, sports equipment manufacturers, airlines, oil producers and other common suspects, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches also ensures that the Swiss luxury watch industry has taken a prominent position throughout the World Cup (including the finals). The official name of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM is no exception. Hublot has expanded its role in the competition through the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia’s Hublot Big Bang referee smart watch.

Not just another billboard next to the court, Hublot Replica Watches is a brand that stands out on the referee board every time someone changes or announces extra time in 2014 – the two elements of football actually tend to cause a strong reaction to the game knowledge – all Fans of the world. The committee still exists in 2018, but now the referee can also wear a Swiss smart watch using the Hublot Big Bang referee smart watch. Let’s not surround the bushes: it’s basically a rebranded and reorganized TAG Heuer Carrera Connected, wearing an identifiable Hublot case, its mono-ear structure, round bezel and more. It also uses a new operating system that meets the needs of the game and its more or less capable referee.

Of course, the main Swiss brand – well, now basically only Hublot Replica and TAG Heuer – producing a powerful smart watch is a news in itself, but there is a more important point to see here – I will get out of trouble and Say this – even the more responsible / open Swiss luxury watch brand CEO is also highly appreciated. why? Because the development and marketing of such products is a large, spicy, durable PITA, and because of this commitment to the product, all of which have brought huge benefits to the Swiss luxury watch industry, the industry is in line with young people More than a hysterical struggle against the audience.

Think about it. How many major players in the global watch industry have global marketing strategies and outreach? Rolex has the importance of Formula One and its name, Hublot and Ferrari, Formula One until recently, the FIFA World Cup, and a growing number of smaller independent companies, Omega’s ongoing, high-quality activities on social media. .. you tell me how much you can think of – emphasizing global marketing strategies and outreach. In essence, the world can learn about the most meaningful and highest quality items that some people can have through a few brands.

Personally, I haven’t experienced a smart watch that I want to endure every day, and I know that many watch lovers have the same feeling. But for the watch industry, in the long run, it needs to be able to tirelessly seek ways to attract a new generation of watch lovers – when Apple and G-Shock, or “I have never seen through my life” attitude Rules, this is a tough rule.

Although I will endlessly see the referee trying and negotiating the high-intensity of the World Cup, while playing with a double tourbillon mechanical goal counter is completely illegible – breaking – all the time of the 2018 World Cup watch, I think I have to endure this The bitter fruit, and accept the fact that if the Swiss watch industry can strongly represent it during the World Cup, then it needs to be achieved through a smart watch – a big brand.

This is what is happening now, Hublot Big Bang referee smart watch, 49mm wide, 13.90mm thick, WR rating 5 ATM (I think this is more meaningful for the normal IP rating of smart devices), is made of fancy titanium There is an ATOM Z34XX processor (not anyone cares), accelerometers and gyroscopes, even GPS, tactile motors, yes, it also comes with a clever operating system – not just referees. Although I believe the referee can play with the watch, the time of the game, and perhaps record other things worth noting, I prefer how Fake Hublot Watches goes all out and make a fan of the operating system (wearing the watch) that is actually brought closer to the game. itself. The watch sends the wearer a message about the upcoming game, real-time updates of the game, and other cool stuff notifications – even the Hublot homepage has a Hublot Big Bang referee smart watch, screen sharing real-time updates, etc., just like the actual watch will.

In fact, it’s not just your average co-branded watch, the boring logo on the back is refreshing – and Best Hublot Replica Watches has turned it into a complete and influential package as much as possible, which is our usual thing. . Look at technology giants like Samsung and Apple. Crazy energy must enter the planning and execution of this “World Cup Package”, which includes getting these watches ready and on the referee’s wrist, and organizing the brand’s expansion in the World Cup. I think I sound more impressive than I should be – but if these exercises are not so few in our industry, then that won’t be the case.

Hublot can choose a custom dial or even a belt to try to make this new piece attractive – undeniably richer – football fans. The real icing on the ground that I can report in about 20 minutes of World Cup broadcasts (due to countless short sittings) is that most coaches and “soccer celebrities” wear Hublot on the court during the game. Of course, as we all know, football players will also incite other brands, but the World Cup has just filled the Hublot.

I think this is a good thing for the watch industry in general. Using Hublot’s one-touch system, the strange sports wristband (or any official name) to which the referee attaches the smart watch during the game will have a minor impact.

Like Hublot’s strong influence during the World Cup, I am still impressed with my attitude towards smart watches – but I will definitely change for many people in the world in these weeks, because some football fans will convert and buy this Bold products. The heat of the world championship battle. With a claimed day’s juice and a full charge of 1 hour and 50 minutes, plus a high-resolution (287ppi) screen and titanium case, the Hublot Big Bang referee smart watch is actually an impressive feat in smart watchmaking – If this is one thing.