Rolex replica watches and Omega hit face

Rolex replica watches

Rolex replica watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Rolex and Omega is a pair of “enemies”, both sides of the famous watch each are tit for tat. Rolex has a water ghost, Omega hippocampus; Rolex has Daytona, Omega has super; Rolex DD, Omega has a constellation. Rolex and Omega “incompatible” until one day, Rolex and Omega also “hit the face” of the. “Hit the face” is the Rolex and Omega’s enamel table, Rolex watch dial and Omega watch dial exactly the same. Yes, except for the “crown” and “resistance” on the disk, the other is exactly the same.

This is the case, in the history, because Rolex and Omega have to the same enamel artist ordered the dial, so there Rolex and Omega watch disk “hit face” situation. The enamel artist painted the same pattern for Omega and Rolex. Coincidentally, the same pattern of Rolex enamel and Omega enamel tables have been taken to the auction auction. The same pattern, different brands, the results are different.

The enamel table with the same pattern is the Rolex 8382 and the Omega 2767-6 SC. Both watches are pictured by enamel artist Nelly Richard (sold by Stern). Two watch dial painted with cloisonne enamel sea god and hippocampus pattern. Patterns taken from Greek mythology. The pattern of the sea god is the Greek mythology Neptune, he holds the Trident, control two hippocampus, he is the protection of the sea sailors, protect the sailors from sea storm attacks and bless them catch enough fish, rewarding. Very interesting is that Nelly Richard for Rolex, Omega draw the same cloisonne enamel dial, the price charged is not the same. It is understood that Omega’s Poseidon enamel dial Nelly Richard received 86 Swiss francs (the final Stern company to 155 Swiss francs sold to the price of Omega), Omega this piece of cloak enamel plate is the most expensive, because the Rolex dial to charge A total of 68 Swiss francs, painted Patek Philippe dials received 60 Swiss francs. Nelly Richard worked for Stern in the 1940s to the 1950s, and unfortunately, the days of jealousy, died at a young age.

The two watches were auctioned at different auctions. Rolex in Fu Yi Si shoot, Omega in Antiqu. Gu Lun shot. Rolex’s valuation of 300,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs, and ultimately to 394,000 Swiss francs to shoot, about 2.76 million yuan; Omega’s valuation of 25,000 to 45,000 Swiss francs, and ultimately to 90,3750 Swiss francs Out, about 68 million yuan.

The price of both watches is relatively high, but Rolex is clearly higher, I think on the one hand is Rolex in the enamel table production less than Omega, another important reason is that this is only produced in 1953 Rolex even There are “unusual” 37mm caliber. While the same pattern produced in 1952 in the Omega, the size was then mainstream 34 mm. 36 mm is a watershed, 36 mm and 36 male watch, it is now able to wear a hand, 36 below the performance of some wear a hand (see personal preferences). Of course, the different results of the Omega and Rolex also reflect the different degree of acceptance of Rolex and Omega.

ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona replica watches

Cheap ROLEX Replica Watches

Cheap ROLEX Replica Watches

Cheap ROLEX Replica Watches

After 24 hours after the rolex Daytona endurance for a long time after the fierce competition, each of the winners can get a by rolex tailor-made Cosmograph Daytona watch, as a unique reward glory. The name “Daytona” comes from Daytona beach, Florida, USA. There have hard sand, can let the pursuit of high speed car free rein, and constantly break records, thus became the car since 1903 the holy land, and create the future of rolex Daytona legend.

The 1958 Daytona international track renovation project, with a tilt of 31 degrees and more than 10 meters, allowed the racer to slide off the track without being affected by centrifugal force.

Luxury ROLEX Replica Watches

Count the Daytona beach car, most notoriously is probably the British driver, Sir Malcolm Campbell, and his chariots ─ ─ “bluebird” (Blue Bird). That was the story of March 1935, when Campbell drove a “blue bird” at a speed of 330 miles (531 km) per hour to set a record for Daytona beach after breaking the world land speed record many times. If the average speed of its reverse driving is included, it also has an average speed of 276 miles (445 km) per hour. As he said in 1932: “the Daytona beach, Florida, is the only thing I know can make the world land speed record. There is like sand cement kind of hard, also have enough distance to accelerate.” Since 1936, the one-half of Daytona beach and half of the roads have been running a series of events including the “Daytona 200” and other classic car RACES. In 1959, the Daytona International Speedway was completed. Tilting at 31 degrees, more than 10 meters high, allows the racer not to be affected by centrifugal force to slide out of the track, thus improving the bending speed.

In 1963, rolex launched the new Cosmograph chronometer, which opened the Daytona wristwatch legend.

In 1965, rolex combined the Cosmograph Daytona’s watch ring with a black coating, and switched to Oyster shell and spirals to increase the waterproofing of the wristwatch.

Swiss ROLEX Replica Watches

The rolex Daytona wristwatch can be traced back to the Cosmograph chronometer (Ref. 6239), which came out a year after the first Daytona Continental race in 1962. Unlike the ref.6238 (known as “pre-daytona”), which was launched a few years ago, ref.6239 will be able to calculate the speed of the speedometer from the dial to the outside of the surface of the table, making it more space and more compact. The vice dial of 3, 6 and 9 also shows a black and white contrast with the main dial. In 1965, rolex added a black coating to the Cosmograph Daytona wristwatch, and it replaced the original pump press with a rotary timing, and the Oyster shell was used to enhance the waterproofing of the wristwatch.

In 1988, rolex launched the 4030 automatic machine core for the Zenith El Primero core, and the Cosmograph Daytona wristwatch from the manual chain to the time of automatic chain.

In 2013, rolex launched its first platinum – based Cosmograph Daytona wristwatch, which features a homemade 4130 automatic core, launched in 2000

ROLEX Replica Watches China

In the case of the core, the Cosmograph Daytona has a long time to use Valjoux 72 hands chain. But since 1988, the rolex famous on the Zenith of El Primero automatic chain machine base, their balance balance wheel assembly, fine adjustment screw and breguet balance spring, the frequency of vibration from 36000 to 36000 per hour, and give the date of the original module for automatic movement became known as the “4030”. But 4030 is not homemade, and rolex is restless; So, launched in 2000, Cosmograph Daytona finally picked up entirely by rolex 4130 automatic machine design, manufacture, with vertical clutch mechanism, large balance balance wheel, patent Parachrom hairspring brought about by the new bureau created in superior performance. In 2013, the first platinum oyster wristwatch showed the Cosmograph Daytona to the acme of greatness.