Testing Rolex Submariner replica watches

Rolex Replica watches

2008, Rolex replica‘s Terra Aqua table to upgrade the internal diameter of the brand’s 8500. How to watchtime under the strict supervision of the clock’s fare? Found in this test function by writer Alexander Krupp and photographer Nik SCH lzel.
Rolex replica‘s internal base caliber 8500 first in the Ville Hour Vision de since the beginning of 2007, there have been many Rolex Submariner replica watches. Which the hippocampus Terra Aqua, and equipped with automatic movement 2008. OMEGA also exquisite watch the appearance of. The previous smooth dial is now moving vertically, parallel ridges, and the date of the surrounding frame has been proposed to have been raised above the plane of the dial. The frame of Rolex replica watches is a unique three-dimensional hour indicator of good collocation, which is now coated with luminous material. In five minutes the number of 2 digits is replaced by a small, luminous spot around the old aquarium around the dial. The two sides of the two sides of the two hands, along with its longitudinal axis, the angle of the index, and the simple fold, define the long axis instead of the old hands.
Dial to make the high quality impression, for the 41.5-millimeter-diameter case, its shape remains unchanged. For visual gorgeous credit is mainly due to the middle piece, with an organic bending of the ear and very precise polishing and satin finished surface of the surface of Rolex Submariner Rolex replica watches. In our test, only the transition to the convex ear, in the polishing disc can not enter the narrow angle is less than meticulous implementation. Otherwise, the process is excellent. The case in front and back of the sapphire crystal, with reflection before the treatment of the two sides of the crystal. The crown can be tightened, the back is the periphery of it. These details are guaranteed, the case can withstand 150 meters of water pressure.

This Rolex Submariner replica is easy to operate. Crown is such a way that it is tightly screwed, but there is a large and easy to grip the beautiful surface into a different position. Crown have been unscrewed, Rolex Replica watch offers very little resistance, barely audible. The main reason is to manually click on wound although manual winding need not often, because the automatic watch 60 hours of power reserve accumulation. You want to leave the rest before the weekend, you need to reset and rewind. Read the full comment here.